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Welcoming Back Omaha Steaks to B2C Data Management

Omaha Steaks began in 1917 as a small-scale butcher shop in downtown Omaha. Family leadership accelerated the company's growth and by 1953 the mail order business had been initiated. Omaha Steaks manufactures, markets, and distributes a wide variety of premium steaks, red meats, poultry, seafood and other gourmet foods to consumers and businesses. These products are custom cut and packaged to serve the needs of various markets.

The Omaha Steaks customers are an average age of 55 with household incomes of $75,000. They are 51% female and 40% male. 80% of the buyers are married and 90% own their own home. Omaha Steaks is a great prospect vehicle for men's & women's apparel, nonprofits, insurance mailers and publishers.

The Omaha Steaks buyer database includes 1,854,000 Last 12 Month Buyers. Available files include: 
Omaha Steaks Buyers 
Omaha Steaks Marketing Genetics Enhanced NEW!
Omaha Steaks Enhanced
Omaha Steaks Gift Givers
Omaha Steaks Business Address
Omaha Steaks Apogee Enhanced NEW!
Omaha Steaks Donor Masterfile NEW!

The Omaha Steaks Package Insert Program is also managed at Infogroup.

For more information on the buyers of Omaha Steaks, please contact the team at Infogroup Data Solutions:

Lists: Tony Troiano, 402.836.6251
Insert Program: Jennifer Kelley, 402.836.5193