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New to Market - MountainTop Data

MountainTop Data is an original data source supplier with an in-house proprietary processes for gathering information from many unique sources. Records are then combined and enhanced with their own data cleansing and auditing methods, and every record is verified every 90 days. 

The MountainTop Data lists includes business professionals from U.S. companies in all industry sectors and business verticals. Business prospects can be targeted by SIC, industry name, annual revenue, employee size, technologies used, titles/functions, keywords in the company name or description, and keywords within specific areas of their social media profiles.

9,258,000 Total U.S. B2B Professionals
1,122,000 Total U.S. Manufacturing Professionals
   157,000 Total U.S. Human Resource Professionals 

We recommend MountainTop lists for all types of business-to-business marketing offers such as industrial supplies/equipment, front-office supplies, safety products, ad specialty/ promotional items, seminars, training/conferences, trade publications, packaging/shipping supplies, human resource software/services, computer hardware/software, work apparel/uniforms, professional membership organizations, and compliance/OSHA reference materials.


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