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New to Market - McMorrow Reports

McMorrow Reports Facility Management Masterfile - 48,000 Postal Subscribers | 44,000 Email Subscribers

The McMorrow Reports publishes comprehensive weekly newsletters that deliver breaking news, conference previews, case studies, white papers, product showcases, industry research and innovations to top professionals in the Facility Management & Design industry. The newsletters cover four distinct market sectors:

Corporate/Commercial - 23,267 Subscribers
S&P 500, Developers, Building Owners, Facility Managers, Architects & Designers, Engineers

Education & Government - 10,518 Subscribers
College/University and Federal Government Facility Managers, Procurement Officers, A&D, Engineers

Healthcare - 10,944 Subscribers
Medical Centers & Hospital Owners & Facility Manager’s, A&D, Engineers

Airports - 3,000 Subscribers
Airport Terminal Facility Managers and Designers

Deliver your business offer to these decision-makers and influencers who procure over $70 billion in products and services annually.  View McMorrow Reports Facility Management Masterfile data card here.

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