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New to B2C - KP Creek Gift and Home Decor

Brand New to List Management - KP Creek Gifts and Home Décor!

Since 2002, KP Creek Gifts has offered thousands of country and primitive inspired home décor and gift items through their catalog and website. With a recent turn to modern farmhouse fresh décor, KP Creek is targeting a younger group of buyers.

Both the site and catalog are full of beautiful photos of products and décor ideas that buyers can recreate in their own homes. The product mix includes home accents, wall décor, candles and fragrances, lighting, floral, bedding, furniture, kitchen accessories, and seasonal merchandise.

KP Creek Gifts will work for offers including gift, home décor, food, general merchandise, music/video, women's/men's apparel, fundraising, publishing, financial services and more.

38,000 Last 12 Month Buyers
73,000 Total Universe
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The KP Creek Gifts and Home Décor buyers are mostly women with an average income of $55,000.

The KP Creek Gifts buyer file is enhanced with demographic, lifestyle, ethnicity, religios, donor, publishing and Marketing Genetics transactional data to help you your ideal target market.

For more information please contact Matt Musikar, 402.836.5646.